Q: Are GAS Bowstrings and cables pre-stretched?

A: All GAS Bowstrings and cables are pre-stretched with our proprietary Total Tensioning System (TTS) to insure zero string creep, peep rotation and serving separation. This process is unlike many bowstring manufacturers, who simply stretch their strings and cables at a set weight. By tensioning our strings throughout the entire building process, we create superior stability and zero movement in the final product.

Q: How often should I replace my strings?

A: A good set of strings can sometimes last 2-3 seasons, but this really depends on how much use they see and how well they are taken care of. For a bow receiving a lot of shooting and use, it’s not unreasonable to replace strings annually.

Q: Do you offer pinstripe strings?

A: A new and popular fad in bowstrings is to add a pinstripe color. This does create a very nice-looking string and we can build these, but GAS Bowstrings does not recommend pinstripes, since this can often negatively affect the string’s stability, consistency and overall performance. We believe in “performance first” and want to provide you with the absolute best product to enhance your shooting experience.

Q: Does GAS Bowstrings offer 3-color and 4-color strings?

A: For the same reason we don’t recommend pinstripe colors, we also do not recommend the use of 3-color and 4-color strings. Although these look fantastic, GAS Bowstrings believes in “performance first” and this service can often negatively affect the string’s stability, consistency and overall performance.

Q: How many shots will it take to “shoot-in” my new strings?

A: Your new GAS Bowstrings are constructed with our Total Tensioning System (TTS), so “shoot-in” time can be achieved in as little as 3-5 shots after installation, but we recommend shooting your bow approximately 10 times before making any final adjustments.

Q: How many twists can I add or subtract from my string and/or cables?

A:Your length of your new GAS Bowstrings are guaranteed to be accurate, however sometimes small adjustments are needed to achieve exact peep alignment, precise cam timing and performance. To adjust the length of your GAS Bowstrings, add or remove twists in ½ twist increments. To insure consistency, stability and reliable performance of your new GAS Bowstrings, it is recommended that you do not remove more than 2-3 twists or add more than 5-6 twists when making adjustments.

Q: Does GAS Bowstrings recommend using any type of speed button?

A: Yes. Most of today’s high performance bows utilize some sort of brass speed nocks or molded speed buttons from the factory. We offer TPU Speed Sleeves, standard on all our strings, however optimal placement for speed and maximum performance should be verified.

Q: What are the differences in all the materials and what’s right for me?

A: There are many different string materials available on the market today. GAS Bowstrings exclusively uses BCY fibers for all string and serving materials. We continually test new and existing materials to see what performs the best with our advanced string building process. Some materials are better suited for certain applications than others and sometimes it is dependent on the string maker’s individual construction process. We offer both BCY X and BCY 452X materials, as these are proven to work best with our string building process.

Q: How do I know what length string/cable(s) I need for my bow?

A: Typically, there will be string and cable lengths listed on your bottom bow limb sticker, but if you don’t have the lengths, it’s not a problem. Our expert staff can identify your bows correct string specifications with our extensive string database.

Q: Do GAS Bowstrings come with any warranty or guarantee?

A:Does a fat kid like cake? Absolutely! Your new GAS Bowstrings are the most stable, consistent, reliable and accurate bowstrings you can buy. GAS Bowstrings are guaranteed to provide unmatched performance by insuring no peep rotation, no serving separation and no elongation for 1 year from installation. For complete warranty and guarantee information, please see guarantee section of our website.

Q: How often should I wax my GAS Bowstrings?

A:Waxing of your GAS Bowstrings is important and a vital part of your string’s extended life. A very light, periodic waxing of your string and cables should become habit, especially after getting them dirty, dusty or wet. Pay special attention to the area around your peep sight, below the serving on the string (where it might contact your arm or loose clothes) and particularly on cable slide bows where the cables go through the slide. We recommend GAS Wax or BCY X-Wax on all of our strings and cables. GAS Wax is available for purchase here.

Q: Will my bow’s speed increase with a set of GAS Bowstrings?

A:Due to not knowing the exact specs that are currently on your bow, we can’t guarantee it, but in most cases our strings tend to be slightly faster in an apple to apples comparison to all other factory and aftermarket strings. GAS Bowstrings come installed with TPU Speed Sleeves that may need to be fine-tuned for their specific location, to gain optimal speed. Additional TPU Speed Sleeves in a variety of colors can be purchased here.

Q: What materials are my GAS Bowstrings made from?

A: Our Standard Octane strings are constructed from BCY X on the main string material combined with a variety of BCY serving materials used to fit the specific application of your bow. For our High Octane strings, you can choose BCY X or 452X materials and your choice of approved serving materials in a variety of colors.

Q: What else will I get with a set a GAS Bowstrings?

A: Confidence and peace of mind! Confidence that you’re shooting the most stable, consistent, reliable and accurate bowstrings you can buy. Peace of mind knowing that the most important piece of equipment on your bow, that you should never have to think about, is going to perform flawlessly and is backed behind a guarantee to provide unmatched performance by insuring no peep rotation, serving separation or elongation.